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by on November 19, 2013

FAA Releases Roadmap for Unmanned Aircraft
An example is given of regulations for commercial transport cockpit doors — what's a “cockpit” when you think of UAS, and where's the “door” for a ground-based control system in a mobile trailer, or a handheld iPad flying a small quad-rotor air vehicle?
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Hawaii military ready to render aid to Philippines
… a command post, establish communications, and feed back intel through state-of-the-art equipment. Chief Warrant Officer 2 Papa Kone demonstrated how a handheld device functions as a camera, note pad, and GPS locator, so damage assessments can be …
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BC Quietly Scopes out Drones
The briefing note called drones a "low cost, low risk resource for missions deemed too dull, dirty or dangerous for manned aircraft." Drones can be operated for 1/30th … Experts from the National Research Council and the University of Victoria to …

SOBERLINK's Alcohol Monitoring System Being Used by Professionals
This wireless, handheld breathalyzer monitors sobriety in order to increase safety when professionals, such as doctors or pilots, are allowed to return to work following treatment for alcoholism. SOBERLINK is seeing growing … The high level of media …
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